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    There is a lot to learn when you get started in the real estate industry. Thankfully we have you covered because we provide different ways to learn that best suit what works for you. We offer:

    • MIND-SET Training Systems
    • Hands-on Workshops
    • Spaced Learning
    • Web-based Programs
    • Here are a few of the many topics of EXIT’s training programs:

    Field Day
    This powerful two-day learning experience will show you how to earn a six figure income while working smarter, not harder. Day two includes hands-on training going door-to-door.

    Listing Presentation Camp
    Learn the four phases of a qualified presentation and how to sequence your presentation, control pricing strategy, and differentiate yourself and your company. Tons of tips in this program!

    Power Prospecting Camp
    This one-day course is customized to your personality and your geographical market, and will boost your prospecting performance to new heights.

    Performance Training
    A real estate guru comes to you to show you the ropes, and get a personalized process for success just for you.
    And we have many more impactful programs available! Contact Erica Price to learn more: (850) 381-1358

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