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    Sell Your Fixer Upper

    Are you wondering how to sell a home that needs major repairs? Or should you fix your home’s issues before putting it on the market? The main thing to know is that if you fix it, you will likely sell your home much faster. Certain repairs cost more than others, so the cost to repair your home can affect how much you are hoping to net from the sale.

    One option you have is to sell at a discount without fixing your home’s issues. We can check prices near your home, and price your home accordingly while factoring in needed repairs. This can help to keep your home from remaining on the market.

    Selling your home “as is” will let buyers know that there will be no negotiations for repairs. It also raises the chances of selling to handy home investors and buyers looking for discounted homes.

    You can get more from your home if you do have a budget and want to tackle some of the repairs. That way you can negotiate with buyers for remaining repairs. Some home loans may not allow a buyer to move into a home needing a new roof, for instance, so this is something to keep in mind if a buyer is looking to move in, and then make repairs.

    Most buyers don’t want home projects right off, so if your home is fixed up you’re much better off. Of course, you will want to get it staged so that it is appealing to buyers. New paint, landscaping, deep cleaning, removing clutter and updating fixtures are a few ways to make your home stand out and sell fast.

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