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    Signs You Live in a Sought After Neighborhood

    Are you noticing changes in or around your neighborhood that make you suspect that your area is becoming quite popular? Here are some signs that could confirm that possibility:

    Homes Selling Quickly
    One day you see a for sale sign and a week later the home is under contract. You are most likely in a hot area if you see this a lot. We can confirm how long homes are on the market before they sell, if you would like to check with us.

    Businesses Moving In
    Another sign of a desirable area is if you are seeing trendy new restaurants and shopping options popping up nearby. Businesses are on the lookout for the best locations for up and coming neighborhoods before they’ll move into an area.

    Home Renovations
    Look around near your home for neighbors making changes or installing updates such as modern architectural enhancements, front and garage door upgrades, freshening up the landscaping in the front yard or a fresh coat of paint outside (including the front door).

    EXIT Sands Realty can perform a market analysis for your area (or area of interest) if you are thinking of buying or selling a home, so get in touch!

    Erica Day Price, Broker/Owner
    Phone: 850-215-4120

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