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    Six Reasons to List Your Home Over the Holidays

    Six Reasons to list a home over the holidays:

    1. Buyers are more serious
      Homebuyers that are shopping over the holidays REALLY want to make a purchase. Otherwise they would wait until the new year.
    2. There is less competition in the marketplace
      With fewer homes on the market over the holidays, your home will get more exposure to the serious buyers than it would in a busy market.
    3. Buyers have designated time off to look at houses
      Holidays often come with time off and workers taking the rest of their vacation time before the end of the year. This means they have designated time to look at homes for sale.
    4. Financial & tax incentives for end of year home purchasers
      Some folks want to buy before the end of the year in order to take advantage of any tax incentives that may expire at the year end.
    5. January is typically the month for job transfers
      Company relocations most often occur in January. These people will be looking at homes in their new town over the holidays.
    6. Homes close quickly
      With fewer homes on the market there is more availability for title company workers, mortgage professionals and other home industry workers. This means that transactions get processed faster.

    If you are thinking of selling a home there is no reason to wait until the new year to list. Homes decorated for the holidays photograph beautifully and show well to buyers. Now is the time to beat the influx of listings in the new year.

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