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    Solar Power for Your Home

    Have you looked into installing solar power for your home, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet?

    With today’s options to charge your phone or other devices with portable device chargers, you can recharge at the beach, on the boat or camping as well as at home and even for emergency power failures. Be sure to check that they don’t introduce a danger of overcharging, which can be harmful to your device.

    Whether you need to cook during a power outage or just want to save on your bill, you can also get solar power kits which will power your kitchen appliances in your home.

    Check out Amazon and search “solar device charger” or “solar power kits”.

    Solar pathway lights for your home’s exterior are easily found online and at home stores. Be sure you have enough sun so that they can get a good charge. Do your research with these types of lights. You might want a brighter or softer light, and metal is going to last longer in the elements than plastic.

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