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    Yelp Hiding iBuyer Reviews

    One great thing about the internet is being able to make a decision based on user reviews. It seems Yelp has chosen not to display reviews pages for major iBuyer companies (Opendoor, Offerpad) while leaving reviews visible for traditional real estate brokerages. How are potential home buyers and sellers supposed to make an informed decision now that Yelp has made this change?

    If you look at the first page of reviews for Opendoor (Which you can now only get to through this link, or maybe you bookmarked it), you can see most are one-star reviews showing that most recent transactions were negative.

    How does iBuyer work? iBuyer basically low-balls homeowners with an algorithm that allows iBuyer companies to make a decent chunk of money off of the sale of your home, and you get a quick closing. Not in the best interest for the homeowner unless you just want to unload a property quickly and don’t care about getting a decent price for your home. Expect to lose even more money if you want to talk to a person at an iBuyer company. Most sellers want top dollar for their home, which can be had by going the traditional real estate brokerage route.

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